Do you require a specific robot?

Yes, we require the high-performance, open source robot dog Bittle X from Petoi. Additionally, Bittle X is cost effective at $264.99. We require at least one robot per group of up to 10 students.

Petoi Support:

Innovate-IT Robotics Curriculum

You should be finished with these learning materials by the end of these months.

September1. Follow this link to get started with the Bittle X User Manual.
*We will be using a block based programming curriculum with Mind+.
2. This is the site hosting all documentation of the products (we use Bittle X): Petoi Doc Center.
3. Once you have read through the manual and feel ready to start, please Install Mind+.
(Note: For the robot we are using (Bittle X), there is no need to modify any software code. By default, all functional blocks in Mind+ are supported. At the same time, the gyroscope function is turned on; that is, the robot can self-balance and auto-recover. Please start at the step “Import Petoi Mind+ Extension Library.”)
*If you would like, you may install the Mobile App as well.
4. Once you have installed everything and are ready to start learning with Bittle X, please go through these Powerpoints:
Basic Programming Blocks
October/NovemberPlease continue with these Powerpoints:
Joint Control
Skill Composer
PIRI Motion Sensor
Touch Sensor
Light Sensor
Infrared Reflection Sensor
Skill Creation
December/JanuaryIntroduction to Python
Module 1
Module 2.1
Module 2.2
Module 2.3
-Now that you’ve learned Python, go back into Mind+ and program Bittle X using Python
Mind+ and Python
January-AprilWork on Primary Challenge: Agility Course
Primary Challenge
-Task 1 Flat Table
-Task 2 Jump
-Task 3 Weave Poles
-Task 4 Fetch and Retrieve
-Task 5 Trick Performance
April 20IT-Showcase
Compete in the Primary Challenge