CyIO Education and Outreach Initiatives

The CyberEd group comprises faculty and students from across campus working together to create and deliver cybersecurity education and outreach to Iowa and beyond. The mission of the CyberEd group is to provide cybersecurity education opportunities to all citizens.

CyberEd focuses on the following:

  • Literacy and Outreach: Cybersecurity education for all.

  • Pathways: New educational options for students, graduates, and professionals to earn cybersecurity degrees and credentials tailored to their career goals.

  • Exercises: Cyber-focused exercises designed to provide scenario-based learning opportunities.

  • Training: Specialized cybersecurity modules for educational and training purposes.

  • Learning Materials: The design of innovative materials to help students learn cybersecurity and apply it to their career and degree goals.

The CyberEd team has the following ongoing projects in support of its mission:

Literacy and Outreach:

  • The Iowa Cyber Hub: The Iowa Cyber Hub is dedicated to connecting Iowans and advancing the cybersecurity workforce across the state.
  • Security Literacy Project: The security literacy project is dedicated to creating and disseminating learning materials designed to teach cybersecurity literacy.
  • Innovate-IT: Innovate-IT is a high school outreach program designed to increase interest in information technology through cybersecurity and game design. The program, which is in its fifteenth year, was selected for scale-up by the State of Iowa STEM council.
  • Cybersecurity Ambassador Program: This program seeks to foster a network of trained and certified ambassadors based in schools, 4H clubs, community colleges, universities, and other groups who will advance cybersecurity knowledge and practices within their communities. (Video



  • Cyber Defense Challenges (CDC): Iowa State is a leader in Cyber Defense Challenges.
  • CySim is a proposed cyber security sports complex designed to host various cyber security exercises. (Pending funding)


  • Sector-based Cyber Literacy Training
    • Ag
    • Critical Infrastructure
  • Train the trainer materials and seminars

Learning Materials:

  • Cyber library to provide learning support for classes (resources for students to fill in gaps)
  • Professional development for faculty

Click here for a list of our videos.

The Team

Faculty and Staff

Doug Jacobson

Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Director, Center for Cybersecurity Innovation & Outreach

(515) 294-8307

Lindsay Foster

Program Specialist, Center for Cybersecurity Innovation & Outreach

(515) 294-0659


Tracy La Van

PhD Candidate

Computer Engineering

Anthony Mazzie

Undergraduate Student

Software Engineering

Ethan Ruchotzke

Graduate Student


Iris Top

Graduate Student

Computer Engineering

Alycia West

PhD Candidate

Higher Education

Wenqin Wu

Undergraduate Student

Software Engineering