Created in 2000 as a multidisciplinary center, the Center for Cybersecurity Innovation & Outreach (CyIO) strives to become a nationally recognized authority in cybersecurity research, teaching and outreach. The Center represents several departments across campus—including Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mathematics, Political Science, Management Information Systems and Computer Science—to respond to the needs of students and the priorities of funding agencies.

As the attention toward cybersecurity increase, CyIO is prepared to act on the available opportunities and enhance awareness of cybersecurity issues facing our home and the world.

The Center obtained designation of National Center of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity (CAE-C) Education by the National Security Agency four times since 1999.

First ISU Information Assurance faculty (1999)
Back row (left to right): Les Miller, John Jackman, Doug Jacobson (co-founder of the Center), Jim Davis (co-founder of the Center)
Middle row (left to right): Steffen Schmidt, Barb Licklider, Jan Wiersema, Lynette Sherer
Bottom row:  Johnny Wong, Alfred Ho, Cliff Bergman, Karen Lawson

Cybersecurity Innovations at Iowa State

  1. 1990– Cyber started at Iowa State.
  2. 1995– The first cyber course started.
  3. The Center became one of the first seven National Security Agency Centers of Academic Excellence.
  4. 1999– Iowa State started one of the first graduate degrees in cybersecurity.
  5. 2000– One of the first centers in the nation dedicated to cybersecurity started.
  6. 2005– The first cyber defense competition (CDC) at Iowa State was held. Now, there have been over 60 CDCs at Iowa State.
  7. 2006– Iowa State had its first high school CDC.
  8. As of 2021, Iowa State:
    1. -Is one of only three cybersecurity engineering programs in the country
    2. -Has over 20 courses in cybersecurity
    3. -Has 20 faculty teaching and researching in some aspect of cybersecurity
    4. -Is one of the largest cybersecurity programs in the country
    5. -Started the Iowa Cyber Hub to bring together K-12, community colleges, 4-year schools, universities and industry to work together to develop a cyber workforce and increase the cyber literacy of all Iowans
    6. -Is leading the nation in cybersecurity