Network Security

Prof. Ratnesh Kumar’s research area is, “ESSeNCEEmbedded Software, Sensors, Networks, Cyberphysical, Energy”, spanning Sensors, Data Analytics, Networks, Controls, and Formal Methods for Correctness/Accuracy, Efficiency, Safety, Stability, Security, Resiliency, Diagnosability, and Prognosability, in Cyber-Physical (Hybrid) and Embedded and Real-time Systems, Model-based Software and Web-services, Agri-, Bio- and Envionmental Sensing, Wearables, and Power Grid and Energy Harvesting. For full list of publications, refer Ratnesh Kumar’s CV. Prof. Kumar has published extensively in the areas of ESSeNCE: 374 peer reviewed articles (139 Journal articles, 209 Conference articles, and 12 book-chapters, 1 Textbook, and 13 Patents—9 already awarded, and 5 already licensed by companies). For more information visit: