The CyberEd team is dedicated to creating new cybersecurity education for Iowa and beyond.

CyberEd focuses on:

  • Literacy: Cybersecurity education for all
  • Exercises and Training: Specialized cybersecurity modules for educational and training purposes
  • Courses and Degrees: New opportunities for students to learn cybersecurity and apply it to their career and degree goals
  • Pathways: New educational options for students, graduate and professionals to earn cybersecurity degrees and credentials, tailored to their career and/or goals

The Team

Faculty and Staff

Doug Jacobson

Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Director, Center for Cybersecurity Innovation & Outreach

(515) 294-8307

Soumya Indela

Postdoctoral Researcher

Ally Frickel

Program Specialist, Center for Cybersecurity Innovation & Outreach

(515) 294-0659


Tracy La Van

PhD Candidate

Computer Engineering

Ethan Ruchotzke

Graduate Student


Iris Top

Graduate Student

Computer Engineering

Katie Wolf

Undergraduate Student

Computer Engineering