Cyber House Rock

Theme SongLyric Video
I’m a PasswordLyric Video
Email RailVideo
Phishing Phil
Sammy’s Slippery Escape
Claire’s Clever Course
Lyric Video
Lyric Video
Cyber Goalie’s Last StandLyric Video
Password ParadeVideo
Do the Two-StepLyric Video
Password PerilsVideo
The Cybersecurity PlaygroundVideo
Cyber Bait ShopVideo
Malware MansionVideo
If I Could Only See Your Face: Email MannersVideo
Down the Rabbit HoleLyric Video
Guardians of the GigabytesVideo
WWGT: What Would Grandma Think?Video
But It’s FreeLyric Video
Just a URLLyric Video

Adversarial News Network

Promotional IntroVideo
Promotional Intro to TeamsVideo
Report: Stuxnet Computer WormVideo


Securing Education: Enhancing Cybersecurity ReadinessVideo
Securing the Community: Enhancing CybersecurityVideo
Building Cyber Champions: Empowering Defenders with CySim’s Blue TrainingVideo
Cybersecurity Collaboration: Preparing Tomorrow’s Defenders with CySimVideo
Fortifying Community Health Centers Against Cyber Threats with CySimVideo
CySim: On the GoVideo
CIME: CySim Incident Management ExercisesVideo


Internet SafetyVideo
Strong PasswordsVideo
Introduction to Adversarial ThinkingVideo
Learn About Cybersecurity with Farmer Frankie!Video

Cyber Toons

Character IntroductionsVideo
Wireless Sniffing at the AirportVideo
Alice’s BullyVideo
Alice’s Devious DownloadVideo
Alice Meets MalwareVideo
Carol Shops OnlineVideo
Too Much InformationVideo
Bob’s Malicious EmailVideo
Oscar Pays to PlayVideo
Bob’s Toxic AttachmentVideo
Travel TroubleVideo
Wireless Sniffing at a CafeVideo

Working From Home Cybersecurity

Part 1Video
Part 2: PasswordsVideo
Part 3: EmailVideo
Part 4: The Worldwide WebVideo
Part 5: MalwareVideo
Part 6: Final Overview and TipsVideo