International Cybersecurity Defense Challenge 2024

February 24, 2024

Iowa timeKosovo timeDescription
5:00am12:00pmSet up time for competitors. Doors open for Iowa students and event staff.
5:30amPancakes in Iowa
6:00am 1:00pmStart video stream (Twitch)
6:30am1:30pmExercise start time
10:30am 5:30pmLocal ceasefire for presenting dignitaries in Kosovo and/or Iowa (30 min.)
11:00am6:00pm30 minute Ceasefire
Lunch for Iowa competitors and event staff
Dinner for Kosovo competitors and event staff
11:45am6:45pmExercise Resumes
2:00pm9:00pmExercise ends. Students move to respective conference rooms for debrief and awards ceremony (livestreamed)
2:30pm9:30pmEvent ends.

Where to Watch

Kosovo Feed:

De-Brief and Awards: Zoom