Cybersecurity Simulation (CySim) Training Center: A Cyber Sports Complex

Using scenario-based exercises to prepare a cyber workforce.

Practice Makes Perfect

Preparedness goes beyond having a well-trained cybersecurity workforce. It involves the entire organization. Imagine practicing how to handle a cyber-attack, where your cybersecurity experts work with other departments within the organization—including the c-suite—and interact with simulated external groups.

We address this challenge here.

CyIO proposes creating CySim, “a cybersports complex,” that will allow us to hold cybersecurity scrimmages designed to enable organizations to practice cybersecurity readiness by taking teams through as many possible scenarios as possible.

Organizations will practice based on scenarios tailored to specific situations. CySim is a physical space supported by virtualization that can be configured to simulate various environments and provide a realistic scenario. Additionally, CySim will support scenario-based exercises for classes, students, and educators. CySim will allow interdisciplinary teams to work together to practice cyber threat mitigation strategies. We will also support case study-type classes consisting of participants and students from many different disciplines. As with any sports complex, CySim will allow setting up and playing a diverse array of cyber games.

Informational Video