IT-Showcase 2023

If you plan on attending the 2023 IT-Showcase, please email Lindsay Foster at with the following information:

  • which venue(s) your students will participate in
  • school/organization name
  • approximate number of participating students
  • club advisor contact information

Student Permission Slip

Please distribute the permission slip to your students. We advise you to scan signed permission slips and email to Lindsay Foster ( prior to the competition; however, students may bring a signed permission slip to the competition.



Doors open at 6:30am. Chaperones (educators/mentors) and students should arrive between 6:30am and 8:00am to set up and ensure technology is ready.


Competitions start.


Lunch. If a student has an allergy, we suggest that student bring their own food for the day.


End of competitions. Schools can leave or stay for the optional debrief of the Cyber Defense Competition.


End of day. Students and their chaperones begin to leave.